What is a Public Adjusting Company?

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What is a Public Adjusting Company?

What is a Public Adjusting Company?

When property owners face heavy property loss, they look for the public adjuster to file an insurance claim. A New Public Adjusting company consisting of highly qualified personnel that assist the property owner in the process of getting the maximum insurance claim possible. It is important to know that they have the team of best public adjusters in Miami. The policyholder must know about the qualified insurance experts that can assist them through the process.

There are basically 07 types of professionals that include in the process of adjusting insurance:

Professionals Working for the Insurance Company


What is a Public Adjusting Company?

Staff Adjusters:

These staff adjusters are employed by the insurance company. They work for the wellbeing of their employers. They are assigned to the time frame of 24 to 48 hours once the loss has occurred. Meanwhile, the insurance company may have many claims so the staff adjusters are reassigned hence you will interact with many different people from start to finish.

Independent Adjusters:

Independent adjusters are also in contact with the insurance companies they can either be contractors or consultants. They also work for the interest of their client. However, they have very limited authority in settling the claim.

Insurance Producer:

The insurance producers are the broker or the agents of the policies that they sell to protect individuals and business owners from any kind of loss. They mostly work to assist the policyholder in issuing insurance certificates, changing policies, completing applications and filling with the insurance company.

What is a Public Adjusting Company?

Restoration Contractors

The restoration contractors work on the behalf of the insurance company that makes sure to bring your property in the same condition that it was before the loss. These restoration contractors can also be contacted directly by the policyholder himself. They also estimate the cost for the insurance company to bring the property to pre-damage condition, therefore, they are mostly found right on the site shortly once the damage occurs.
Professionals Who Work for the Policyholder

Public Adjusters

Public insurance adjusters are the experts who work for the policyholder through thick and thin of the insurance claim. They are responsible to prepare and present the case specifically for the policyholder. A public adjuster starts working right after the incident happens in order to ensure the efficient and effective development of the case. These are hired on the same day of the event, keeps in touch until all the settlement of the claim is paid.

What is a Public Adjusting Company?

Independent Risk Management Consultants:

The independent risk management consultants are those who work for the policyholder and not for the insurance company. They help the insured in the placement of coverage; they can also be helpful in reporting. The insurance consultants will help you determine if there is a need for any other professional in order to prepare the claim.


These appraiser experts are brought forward when the insured and the insurance company fails to resolve and agree on the amount of loss.

What is a Public Adjusting Company?